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Tetromize for Ecommerce and Retail


Give your online customers the digital experience they long for.




ـــــــ Revolutionise the digital experience in retail

Your clients are ravenous for interactive experiences and a smooth online shopping journey you must give it to them. Begin pinpointing the reason behind certain customer behaviours and farewell to lost conversions.

With Tetromize, your organization can undoubtedly identify opportunities to boost loyalty, increase satisfaction and improve the overall insight across numerous digital channels and touchpoints.


ـــــــ Lower cart abandonment rates once and for all

Shopping cart abandonment plagues retailers and webshops all over the world consistently. Yet, that doesn’t mean you also have to fall victim to this headache… Tetromize offers the tools you need to gather feedback at the time while at the same time targeting your visitors with high-level precision.


ـــــــ Satisfy your shoppers at every digital touchpoint

From looking for products and showing up on search result pages, to the genuine purchase of a item and after-sales service, you should be there for your client constantly. With Tetromize you can gather feedback in moments that matter with feedback structures catered your most critical touchpoints in the online shopping venture.


ـــــــ Foster loyalty through personalised digital channels

Build up a rich database of insights into every key customer section and begin delivering customized experiences on all of your digital channels. Tetromize allows you gather customer data and advance this data with useful feedback insights. Using intuitive dashboards during feedback analysis will bring quick attention regarding significant trends.