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IT Outsourcing

Optimize Current Operations and Launch New Projects


Application development, infrastructure and software support and maintenance, data center management, and other activities are all part of IT outsourcing services. Tetromize, an IT company with more than ten years of experience, takes on any IT projects you wish to outsource or works with your vendors to deliver the services.






ـــــــ Cooperation Models, We Support

  1. Staff Augmentation
    With the help of our professionals, you may directly manage the resource or skill gaps in your own IT team.


  2. Self-managed team
    To complete your IT initiative, establish a self-managed team under the authority of a PM or Team Lead at Tetromize.


  3. Full outsourcing
    We take on responsibility for the quality and potential risks of the relevant IT function(s) you require expertise with.



ـــــــ Get More Efficient IT with Expert Outsourcing

Tetromize's skilled outsourcing teams can offer you with:

  1. Improve the efficiency and profitability of IT operations.

  2. Apply the appropriate solutions to support business operations.

  3. Plan and carry out strategies for digital transformation.


ـــــــ The Scope of IT Outsourcing Services 

  1. Infrastructure Support
    Continuous monitoring, migration, support, optimization, and evolution of outsourced IT infrastructure or its components are all examples of managed infrastructure services.


  2. Quality Assurance Services
    It covers a wide range of testing tasks, such as test planning, designing and running test cases, reporting test results, and streamlining QA procedures.


  3. Cloud Migration
    Applications and databases from businesses are migrated to the cloud through cloud migration services to boost flexibility and keep costs down.


  4. Cloud Application Development
    Cloud app development includes establishing apps that utilize cloud features and services provided by cloud suppliers and execute in the cloud.