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  Process Optimization Consulting

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It has become inevitable to pay due attention to various processes in your business facility to survive under the current competitive scenario. A huge amount of money is unnecessarily being spent worldwide due to inefficient processes in place for performing day to day activities. We at Tetromize are dedicated to helping industrial business providers overcome these issues. We can help leverage your business processes and utilize your resources to their full potential with our Process Optimization Consulting Services.


Business process optimization refers to the improvement of individual or several workflows or processes. In contrast to production, however, no physically visible product is being processed here, but flows of information in the form of interfaces, documents, and so on. The main goals are to avoid waste in the process and achieve comprehensive optimization, working from the current process toward to the desired future process.

The business process optimization service gives you a wide range of benefits, including practical methods of moderation, the documentation of processes for all equipment manufacturers using appropriate IT tools, and the identification of improvements and personalized consulting to add to the moderation-based approach. At the same time, business process optimization is always defined by a focus on efficiency and the integration of employees. Experience in practice shows that this results in better acceptance of the target process and thus faster implementation.

Systematically uncover all sources of waste

Do you find that some of your processes are not running quite smoothly? Are they too slow, too expensive, not on schedule, defective, or simply deliver the wrong results? If so, Ingenics would be pleased to support you by developing interfaces, remedying process errors, reducing queries, and coordinating responsibilities more effectively. This uncovers all the relevant sources of waste in a systematic fashion before employees are finally trained in the new process, whose development they have been involved in since the outset.

First, the current process is documented in collaboration with the employees. The form of representation or modeling language – be it a value stream map, EPK, or value chain diagram – is adapted to the needs of each customer. The next step is to analyze the actual processes, identify potential, and define areas for action. The target process is worked out based on the existing potential, with documented implementation taking place in line with previously established priorities, from the definition of process indicators and the timely scheduling of tasks to the realization of quick wins.

The most important services at a glance

In summary, Ingenics offers the following services in the field of business process optimization:

  • moderation of workshops on process mapping, analysis of the status quo, target process design
  • a detailed statement on process quality and consulting as regards potential development based on experience gained with other companies (including benchmark companies)
  • review and assessment of the process in terms of its meaningfulness, process quality, share of added value, etc.
  • identification of approaches for optimization, both within the process itself and from the outside


Efficient and robust business processes are essential to keeping a company´s competitiveness in the market place. This applies to supply chain processes, bring to market processes, as well as the supporting business processes. Despite its importance to overall company success, a lagging process performance often remains undiscovered – be it due to inherent complexities, be it due to lack of supporting analysis tools.

Key questions to be treated in this context often start at defining which processes or sub processes in fact are most relevant to overall business performance, how to best identify and evaluate gaps, how to close them effectively and efficiently – and, how to prioritize a series of relevant options under the constraint of generally limited resources.

Possible concrete topics include:

  • Demand Forecast Improvement
  • Process Compatibility Assessment
  • Procurement Process Optimization
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Centralization of Transactional Processes
  • Transferring Production Processes

We work together with our clients to run a comprehensive process analysis, to do the macro and detailed mapping, and to analyze the relevant KPIs. Performance gaps and bottlenecks are identified and prioritized. As a final result, options for action and concrete action plans are developed for implementation. As in all our service offerings, we generally participate in putting plans into action with our clients.


The business process optimization service will leverage your company’s potential for increased efficiency as a whole. Ingenics will work with you to optimize your processes so that information flows better in the future. Similarly, responsibilities, interfaces, and areas of duty are clearly defined.

This ultimately leads to significantly shorter lead times and reduced costs as well as a sharper focus on value creation and greater output per input – also in your company.