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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


To increase efficiency and scalability, connect your employees, automate your data, and streamline your business procedures across Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Service, Warehousing, Project Management, and Manufacturing.



Financial Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s features enable you to streamline your financial close and get real-time visibility into the performance of your business.


You can easily share your information in a secure manner with an accountant and gain more control over your budgets and cashflow.


  • Apply incoming payments directly to the related customer and mark invoices as paid to automatically reconcile accounts
  • Get recommendations on when to pay vendors to take advantage of vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties
  • Add tags to entries for quicker categorization and analysis
  • Improve your organization’s ability to develop, modify, and control budgets


Reporting and Analytics

Centralize your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions for an up-to-date, end-to-end view of your business using the various features of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Make faster, more informed decisions when you’re guided by connected processes, predictive analytics, and real-time data.


  • Make fast, informed decisions with seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  • Easily track your KPIs by creating your own analyses on general ledger data
  • Chart your business’ performance in real time on your dashboard using built-in Power BI integration
  • Accurately predict your cash flow using built-in Cortana Intelligence


Order Processing

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with a fully integrated order-processing suite that manages both purchase and sales orders. The relevant functionality links across the whole system providing end-to-end visibility of an order lifecycle - giving you and your business complete control and visibility.


You create a sales invoice or sales order to record your agreement with a customer to sell certain products on certain delivery and payment terms.

You must use sales orders if your sales process requires that you can ship parts of an order quantity, for example, because the full quantity is not available at once. If you sell items by delivering directly from your vendor to your customer, as a drop shipment, then you must also use sales orders. In all other aspects, sales orders work the same way as sales invoices. With sales orders, you can also use the Order Promising functionality to communicate certain delivery dates to your customers.


Sales & Marketing

With Dynamics 365 Business Central’s sales & marketing features, you can shorten the time from quote to cash by connecting your sales and accounting. Connect the dots between your sales and marketing teams and act quickly on sales-related enquiries right from Outlook. Easily handle multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses per customer, including direct shipment and invoicing addresses.


  • Align your content, data, and processes to deliver engaging customer experiences across all touchpoints, make smarter decisions, and drive business results
  • Post sales right from Outlook, then send your invoices as PDF attachments that include a PayPal link to expedite payments
  • Get a complete overview of interactions and track current customer status all the way from email to order to invoice
  • Negotiate and keep track of special agreements with individual customers, including discount structures
  • Prioritize leads based upon revenue potential and opportunities throughout the sales cycle
  • Functionality includes: Campaign Management, Contact Management, Document Management and Generation, Email Integration, Mobile Sales, Opportunity Management, Sales Order and Process Management and Tasks/Interaction Management.


Warehouse Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Warehouse Management features bring together comprehensive organizational information, automate manual tasks, connect processes and workflows, enable fact-based inventory management, and provide managers with clear visibility into business performance, margins, profitability, and opportunities for improvement.


  • Can be used with handheld terminals (HHT); put-away instructions can be provided on the HHT, indicating the best bin location for the goods based on capacity and pick zones
  • Pick face replenishment, quality inspection and cycle counting are all supported
  • A flexible, modular structure enables the addition of new or custom functionality over time to match the growth and evolution of the business



Resource & Project Management

Use Dynamics 365 Business Central to perform common resource & project management tasks and get all the data you need to help manage budgets and monitor progress. Track machine and employee project hours using timesheets, and access real-time data on available resources, such as employees and machinery.


  • Create, manage, and track customer projects with sophisticated job costing and reporting capabilities
  • Manage usage levels and profitability of resources by planning capacity and sales
  • Develop, modify, and control budgets to avoid over-expenditure




Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates & streamlines every aspect of your manufacturing process including planning, scheduling, inventory & distribution.


Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has experienced increased pressure from a range of sources; market growth remains sluggish and the emergence of low cost, offshore manufacturers is eroding margins - all the while customers are demanding lower prices, higher quality, faster lead times and constant innovation.  As if that wasn't enough, legislative and environmental compliance require greater focus and effort ultimately driving up the cost of running a manufacturing business.


With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can streamline business operations, make better decisions, and expand faster.





Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central will improve your operational flow, streamline operations, and deliver efficient results. Businesses may use Business Central to:

  • Automate and Streamline Data
  • Improve resource and operational efficiency
  • Improve the supply chain and warehousing
  • Make project automation possible
  • Improve client experience across all channels
  • Make proactive, well-informed judgments


Utilize in-built AI algorithms and analytics capabilities to bring a transparent approach throughout your organization, optimize resources, simplify processes, and make informed decisions, allowing you to seamlessly drive your concurrent processes as well as prepare you to accept and undertake new challenges, allowing your organization to grow and scale with maximum profitability.


We assist businesses in simplifying difficult processes, optimizing operations, improving financial flow, managing resources, and driving customers with a highly skilled team and high-end bespoke business solutions. We enable organizations to connect and communicate in real-time with quick decision-making to achieve overall success by implementing Business Central.



Key Functionalities


CRM Integration

Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales are integrated, you only need to create a customer once.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, making financial management easier than ever.


Third-Party Apps

Dynamics 365 Business Central integration allows you to use third-party applications as a "app source" to extend Dynamics 365 Business Central's capability.



This Is How Business Central Implementation Improves Your Overall Business Flow


Workflow integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect various business operations via the cloud and take advantage of your ERP's best features. Achieve project deadlines faster and boost workforce efficiency with Microsoft Business Central.


Explore a 360-degree view of the organization

With a business management solution tailored for your unique requirements, break down the silos between several departments and processes of the organization and get a holistic perspective of all functions. Connect better with customers, and manage revenue better.


Operate faster. Manage better

View and access an entire database of applications, tools and communication channels in a single source and make information sharing within departments easier with reliability and security.

With the power of AI, guide teams and train employees efficiently. With features that make customer retention and follow-up more systematic, and communication smoother, operate better in a system that is more transparent.


Real-time metrics

Manage your resources, utilize them to their fullest potential, streamline tasks and track their productivity with real-time metrics on resources and projects. With the Dynamics 365 Business Central quote-to-cash feature, send invoices and generate quotes according to outlook emails with which it is integrated.


Stay Connected

Complete all the stages of the sales cycle with a single system that lets you stay well-connected with your clients and team members. We assist you to share data and insights across the team to improve training, improve performance and eliminate manual data transactions using embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability with Outlook, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Teams.


Increase efficiency and boost productivity - Tetromize way

Pay only for hours consumed with our On-Demand-Services (ODS) - a Service-as-a-Service engagement model. As trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 gold partners, our industry experts understand your core business needs and implement an ERP solution based on your unique requirements. In addition, we provide ongoing support whether you choose to stay on premise or upgrade to the cloud.

Manage your entire business with a unified solution tailored just for you. (or) Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central a comprehensive business management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses.


Why we’re different

At Tetromize we believe in putting our customer’s needs first.We will gain a deep understanding of your business. Empowering your teams to succeed through our expert advice and knowledge, gained through successful transformation projects. 




Are you ready to make the most out of Dynamics 365 Business Central?