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When it comes to UX, it's an experience that the user will see on the website (User Experience), meaning that the UI also has a user interface design so that the user has the best interaction with it (User Interface Design). Both of these are essential for a product and have close interactions. Graphic design, consistent with the development of technology and the creation of new needs, has become more widespread and more complex. The "user experience" and "applicability" of the product or service are concepts from the design process that have become increasingly important in the digital world today.




You should know that the UI and the UX, although closely related, are completely different. In other words, the process user experience is based on logic, and the user interface refers to the graphic design of the website. In essence, the user experience includes interactions between customers and the organization concerned. This is not related to the type of product and any product can be included. In contrast to this definition, the interface means developing and optimizing interaction between the user and a software product.

In designing and producing a software product, UI and UX knowledge is more than obligatory. It is very important for programmers to know the wishes of customers and to convert them into code and ultimately the product of the customer's desire for the client, and it requires specialized knowledge and everyone will not be able to afford it.

Fortunately, the Dadekavan team has always enjoyed this knowledge in offering products with strong UI, among its competitors, and in front of its prominent customers.