Business Management System

Business Management System Tetromize

Business Management System

Solution introduction

Business Management System: Manage your sales, finances, operations and human resources in one beautiful platform

Among the features of this Tetromize's product, one can mention the following:

  • Easy to use for all users with different familiarity with the computer(User Friendly)
  • Possibility to receive accurate performance reports
  • Possibility to monitor the organization's performance instantly
  • Possibility of direct supervision of managers on the activity and performance of forces
  • Ability to record activity history in the system
  • Possibility to view customer satisfaction surveys
  • Acquiring a new and better business opportunity based on the results of satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Ability to customize the system according to the work of the organization
  • Twenty-four-hour support
  • A very reasonable price per user, with more comprehensive features than competitors

Solution features

Work Hours


Due to the importance and role of data and information of organizations in decision making, business development, and organization's performance, Tetromize’s BMS has the capabilities to perform calculations and analyzes, and then provide reports tailored to the information needs of managers and experts at the levels. Different will help decide on plans.

According to the history of the activities registered in the system, the customer will have an accurate insight. Also, by measuring customer satisfaction based on certain criteria, new opportunities for business development are identified. BMS system, intelligently utilizing graphs and information statistics, can help predict outlets for targeted scenarios and provide a good guide for plans in the organization.








The main features

  1.  The existence of a dedicated carton for each user
  2. Ability to set access for each user
  3. High-speed networking without user limitation
  4. Reports system
  5. The existence of an integrated and coherent database of information
  6. Calendar with reminder option
  7. A fast search system and advanced phits in all areas
  8. Ability to receive Excel output in all parts

Some facilities in production

  1. Store
  2. Project Management
  3. Contract matters
  4. Suppliers
  5. Customer club
  6. Labeling system
  7. Manage Promotional Campaign
  8. Task Management
  9. Marketing
  10. After sales service
  11. Knowledge management
  12. Business Intelligence
  13. Android app and iOS



Settings and Configuration

  1.  Ability to define the role for each user
  2. Ability to define and set the level of access for each user
  3. Ability to split roles
  4. Manage users with the ability to create, edit and deactivate the account
  5. The system guide display includes common questions with their answers for BMS users
  6. Ability to change user profiles and password
  7. Show follow ups on the current day
  8. View your activity history


  1. Ability to define and edit customers
  2. Possibility to sell B2B & C2B
  3. Disable accounts
  4. Subsystem Notification Notification
  5. Single and group subsystems
  6. Demonstrate and segregate customers in the status and sales stages
  7. Registration of negotiations and all communications between personnel and customers
  8. Manage customer service and their problems
  9. Manage customer payments
  10. Customer Categories
  11. Determine customer credit
  12. Manage client files and documents
  13. Manage customer service and their problems
  14. Possibility to interact with the customer (requests, voice of the customer)


  1.  Manage sales operations
  2. Sales Performance Report
  3. Manage sales clips with editing
  4. Define sales scope by retailers
  5. Possibility to register and send sample products
  6. Manage sales opportunities
  7. Ability to separate sales based on personnel
  8. Register and send a sample with the option to insert the description
  9. Manage pre-invoices
  10. Managing sales factors
  11. Ability to record activities performed
  12. Sales history based on personnel and customer
  13. Possibility to transfer sales between experts


  1.  Manage products and edit them
  2. Ability to add product to unlimited number
  3. Ability to categorize and group products
  4. Feature capability for each product
  5. Possibility to determine the percentage of commission and profit per product
  6. Ability to define the price range for each product


  1. Dedicated Dashboard for each user at the moment of logging in
  2. Display reports by specifying fields such as time, amount
  3. Graphing reports
  4. Ability to output from reports in common formats like Excel
  5. Report performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  6. Ability to report on customer satisfaction
  7. Possibility to report on sales based on individuals, companies and sales staff


  1. Displays clients' financial records in debtor or creditor status
  2. Ability to view and print customer financial reports
  3. Payment History
  4. Possibility to set maturity
  5. Possibility to determine the type of payment
  6. Tracking Claims
  7. Individual and managerial financial reports